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1" Bulkhead Fittings

1  Plastic Tank Fittings

1" female threaded plastic tank fittings ready for install.
  • Bulkhead fittings have a gasket which goes inside the tank.
  • When drilling an outlet be sure to not go too low. You do not want the gasket down in the bottom radius. Position the fitting so that the gasket sits on the flat side wall.
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Name Capacity Dimensions Part Price
1" PP Bulkhead Fitting - Loose FAN100PB $64.00
1" Norwesco Bulkhead Fitting Installed N-60427 $80.00
1" Norwesco Bulkhead Fitting Loose (San Antonio Tx)
(Ships In 48 Hours)
9514-N-60427 $4.00
1" Norwesco Bulkhead Fitting Loose (Austin Tx)
(Ships In 48 Hours)
9504-N-60427 $4.00
1" Stainless Steel Bulkhead Fitting BAN-TF100SS $307.20
1" Ace Bulkhead Fitting-Installed on Ace Tank Fitting 1" A-10485 $8.56