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Polypropylene Centrifugal Pump: Gas Engine 3 HP Briggs 2 Inch FKM

SKU: BAN-200P-3-V
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    3 Horsepower
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2" Pump With 3 HP Briggs-FKM

Motor Features

* Cast iron cylinder sleeve.
* Heavy duty flywheel.
* Overhead valve.
* High oil fill
* Oil Guard / low oil sensor.
* Breather through air cleaner


With the addition of the Banjo bearing pedestal, the pump is easily adaptable to electric power. A flexible shaft coupling is used between motor and pump shaft. Pump and motor assembly is mounted on a metal base.
Maximum Engine Protection!

We have designed the new Banjo poly pump to protect the engine seal in the event of pump seal failure. We have separated the pump from the engine and installed a special slinger / engine seal that completely protects the engine from any corrosive fluids. This new slinger design is the best in the poly pump industry at protecting your engine.

For additional seal protection, small vanes are molded into the back side of the impeller. During operation, these vanes (on back side of the impeller) pump out a major portion of the liquid from the seal area which reduces pressure. The internal operating pressure of the pump is approximately 50 P.S.I. with the seal area operating at only 5 P.S.I. This leaves enough liquid in the seal area to lubricate and cool.

Priming is now made easier by the incorporation of two new prime and drain plugs. These plugs are now made to act as thumb screws with o-ring seals for quick priming and draining before and after use. Priming is from the bottom of the pump chamber. A very small amount of liquid in the bottom of the pump is sufficient for priming since the liquid enters the volute from the bottom side. The pump will prime with the check valve open.

The impeller has been designed for easy removal during maintenance. A 7/16 - 14 hex nut is installed into the impeller during assembly at our plant. This nut is used to lift the impeller from the engine shaft by screwing a 7/16 - 14 bolt into nut at the end of the impeller.

CAUTION-WARNING: Please do not run pump dry, restrict or reduce port sizes, or dead head pump. This could cause component failure to pump.

NOTE: Engine warranty service available at authorized Briggs & Stratton and Honda dealers.
  • SKU
  • Part Number
  • Capacity (Gallons) 3 Horsepower
  • Dimensions 2"
  • Weight (lbs) 40
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  • Availability In Stock
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  • Freight Class 65
  • Shipping Length 19
  • Shipping Width 11
  • Shipping Height 13
  • Shipping Weight (lbs) 40