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IBC Totes | Caged Water Tanks

IBC Totes

IBC Totes Selection includes:
  • Rebottled IBC Totes (steel cage water tanks) which have a reconditioned steel cage & new FDA approved water tank liner. Plastic tank liner meets FDA criteria as specified in CFR 21 section 177.1520. The ibc totes are equipped with a 2” NPT valve and a cam lock lid. This is the closest item to a 300 gallon plastic container that is rigid yet economical. We offer the 275 gallon & 330 gallon caged water tanks.
We also offer IBC tote spill pallets and heat blankets.
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Name Capacity Dimensions Part Price
120 Gallon Excalibur² IBC Tote (1.35 S.G.) 120 Gallons 42.5"L x 42.5"W x 32.25"H SII-6570000B96002 $465.00
275 Gallon Caged Rebottled IBC Tote 275 Gallons 40"L x 48"W x 46"H CE-275TOTE $196.99
330 Gallon Caged Rebottled IBC Tote 330 Gallons 40"L x 48"W x 54"H IBC-BTL003 $236.00
550 Gallon Megatainer 550 Gallons 81"L x 48"W x 60"H SII-6230000B97202 $3,031.00
Stacking Grate for 550 Gallon Megatainer SII-35900562 $999.00
6-1/2" IBC Tote Lid
(Ships In 48 Hours)
6.5" Dia. 9504-BAN-TL652E $19.99

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