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Digital Thermostatic Controller

Digital Thermostatic Controller for Powerblankets

Thermostatic Controller for PowerBlankets

This is for the customer that wants to regulate the temperature of their power blanket.  The 275 and 330 Gallon Tote Heat PowerBlankets already include this controller.  Power blankets for drums, barrels, and buckets are available in max operating temperatures of 90, 110, 130, and 160 degrees.  Users should purchase the blankets that closest meets or exceeds the max temperatures they require.  If a temperature of 125 degrees needs to be maintained, the controller needs to be paired with the 130 degree model.

Plugs into most powerblanketproducts allowing easy temperature regulation.
Ensure constant and safe temperature of material
Prevent overshoot
Achieve desired temperature faster
Digital accurate control reading From -40°f to 200°F
Disposable thermo probe inserts into drum to regulate temperature of drum contents
(not external blanket temperature)

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Name Capacity Dimensions Part Price
Digital Thermostatic Controller PB-GHT2002J $267.69