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Chemtainer Double Wall Tanks

Chemtainer Double Wall Tanks

Chemtainer Double Wall Tanks Selection

These molded double wall tanks/dual containment tanks are designed for stringent environmental concerns and codes. Outer containment of the double wall tank complies with federal regulation 40CFR-264.193 capacity requirements.

Tanks come standard with a Vented Manway.

DC Series - Linear Polyethylene - Primary tank of the double wall tanks is completely contained. Save valuable floor space. Our double wall tanks are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Enclosed design of our double wall tanks prevent rain, snow and debris from collecting in containment tank. Resin complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21 CFR 177.1570 (c) 3.1 and 3.2. Outer tank wall is translucent.
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Name Capacity Dimensions Part Price
35 Gallon Double Wall Tank 35 Gallons 24" dia. x 35"H TC2435DC $707.00
50 Gallon Double Wall Tank 50 Gallons 26.5" dia. x 38"H TC2738DC $943.00
65 Gallon Double Wall Tank 65 Gallons 28" dia. x 37"H TC2837DC $824.00
100 Gallon Double Wall Tank 100 Gallons 35" dia. x 39"H TC3539DC $1,305.00
120 Gallon Double Wall Tank 120 Gallons 33" dia. x 45"H TC3345DC $1,319.00
150 Gallon Double Wall Tank 150 Gallons 34" dia. x 48"H TC3448DC $1,642.00
200 Gallon Double Wall Tank 200 Gallons 41" dia. x 52"H TC4152DC $1,962.00
350 Gallon Double Wall Tank 350 Gallons 52" dia. x 56"H TC5256DC $2,310.00
500 Gallon Double Wall Tank 500 Gallons 59" dia. x 71"H TC5971DC $2,604.00
1000 Gallon Double Wall Tank 1000 Gallons 74" dia. x 85"H TC7485DC $4,343.00