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Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass tanks are ideal storage solutions for outdoor rain water harvesting, water storage, fire protection, ,oil field storage, liquid fertilizer, water treatment, irrigation water storage, and much more. Our fiberglass tank line ranges from a storage capacity of 1,000 gallons to 1,000,000 gallons. Fiberglass tanks are cost effective, customizable to fit your project, and best of all they are durable and economical. teams up with the leading fiberglass tank manufacturers in the country to provide the highest quality experience possible. Let our team of experts guide your project to the finish line.
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Why Should You Use A Fiberglass Tank?
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • High Tensile Strength & Flexibility
  • Easily Formulated & Designed to Customize Tank For Different Uses, Products & Temperatures
  • Ease of Repair & Reconfiguration
  • Durable & Economical
Benefits Of Fiberglass Tanks
  • Long Life Span
  • 12 Times Stronger Than Steel By Weight
  • High Strength To Weight Ration
  • Ease of Transport & Off-Loading
  • Structural Design
  • Lower Cost For Large to Medium Volumes
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Flexibility to Custominze Tanks
  • UV Stable-Resistant to Environmental Exposure
  • Above Ground or Below Ground Tank Options
Not all Fiberglass is Created Equal
  • Failures and issues occur when fiberglass tanks are not built to meet service conditions or quality procedures are not followed.
  • Often end users do not know the right questions to ask to ensure they are getting their fiberglass tank properly specified.
  • This is important due to the many different grades of resin and glass. Ensuring quality procedures and specifications are followed delivers a durable tank.
Polyester Resin Classes & Characteristics
  • Orthophthalic Resin: General Purpose
    • commonly referred as a General Purpose Resin, provides basic containment properties, but does not provide long-term corrosion and weathering resistance. Most fiberglass tank manufacturers build their standard tank using Orthophthalic Resin Systems.
  • Isophthalic ResinEnhanced chemical resistance, tensile strength, durability, and fatigue resistance
    • Used when a higher degree of corrosion resistance is needed. Isophthalic resins have enhanced chemical resistance, tensile strength, durability, and fatigue resistance. Due to all the enhanced properties Nationwide Tank and Pipe use an Isophthalic Resin System in their standard engineered tank design to provide customers with a durable, long-lasting, maintenance free tank.
  • Vinyl Ester Resin Systems: Highest quality of chemical and heat resistance, therefore they are commonly used in industrial applications
    • provide the highest quality of chemical resistance. Vinyl Ester resins eliminates virtually all moisture vapor transfer, which provides an excellent barrier for the containment of corrosive fluids. Vinyl Ester resin also provides excellent heat resistance along with corrosion resistance. Vinyl Ester Resins are hydrolytically stable which allows for the increased performance in chemical resistance, tensile strength, elongation, durability, fatigues resistance and adhesive properties. Nationwide Tank and Pipe has upgraded to using Vinyl Ester to laminate all welds, fittings and flanges.

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