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Rain Heads

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Name Capacity Dimensions Part Price
Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Filter and Diverter RH-DDCR98 $104.00
Clean Rain Ultra RH-DDCR99 $153.54
Rainwater Diverter RH-DDBL99 $28.98
Leaf Eater Ultra Rain Head RH-RHUL100 $64.99
3" and 4" Leaf Eater Advanced Rain Head RH-RHAD100 $47.00
Leaf Eater Original Rain Head RH-RHLE99 $49.38
Rain Catcher RH-RHRC99 $34.85
Leaf Eater Commercial RH-RHCL22 $165.85
Leaf Eater Upgrade Screen RH-RHAC99 $26.98
Maelstrom Filter RH-RHML01 $311.54