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Washington Horizontal Leg Tanks

Washington Horizontal Leg Tanks

White & Blue horizontal leg tanks offered out of our Washougal, Washington Norwesco location.

With the broadest leg tank line available, Norwesco manufactures a size that will fit your needs. Used primarily for transport and nursing applications, Norwesco's leg tanks feature molded-in legs that act as "baffles" to reduce sloshing.
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Name Capacity Dimensions Part Price
125 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank 125 Gallons 41"L x 32"Dia. x 35"H N-40298 $404.00
225 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank ( TX Ships In 48 Hrs) 225 Gallons 49"L x 38"Dia. x 41"H N-40299 $584.00
325 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank 325 Gallons 68"L x 38"Dia. x 43"H N-40217 $733.99
525 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank
Ships In 48 Hours
525 Gallons 71"L x 49"Dia. x 54"H N-40181 $1,038.99
1025 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank
Ships In 48 Hours
1025 Gallons 139"L x 49"Dia. x 54"H N-40089 $2,063.99

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